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The leadership attained by quality, and ideology, and success we attained in all the sectors that we participate in have been with the focus on conveying our human-oriented management approach to our employees, customers, and stake holders. It is the RAL family duty to raise the bar, and achieve higher standards.

During this journey of excellence our goal is to keep the motivation and expectations of our recently joined employees at the highest level, and blend the experience and expertise of our existing employees. With the synergy created, teamwork, and team spirit will be established with most efficient employee profile will be generated to be able to use the resources available in the most efficient manner.

To ensure sustainability it is essential to assist employees in their development. In order to bring our employees to high performance they will be subject to effective performance evaluation system. Supporting them with the reward system, employees will have drawing development and career maps together. They will receive the necessary training to be superior within the framework of our values and competencies. In situations in which he achieves success and exhibits exemplary attitudes and behaviors that will contribute to the success of the institution.

Principles of Our Human Resources Policies:
- To involve our employees in our processes with the understanding of Transparent, Equal and Participatory Management,
- Based on a customer-oriented approach in our work, producing development-oriented projects,
-To ensure that our employees are employees who create added value,
- To exhibit an approach that is in accordance with the Quality Policies and standards and sensitive to the OHS Policy,
- By placing education at the center of development, all training programs from the lowest to the highest position design, implement and evaluate,
- Human Resources aiming to nurture the innovation process with its applications following the innovations and ensuring their adaptation to the company,
- For the open positions focusing primarily on our employees, who are our internal values,
- To maintain the right person for the right job, the right business policy for the right person at all levels,
- To continuously develop the organizational structure that can adapt quickly to changes and development,
- To design, establish, develop and operate sub-systems of a continuously learning corporate structure.
to ensure,
- To make human resources planning carry out effective and efficient ways to bring the workforce to the RAL Family,
- To maximize problem-solving skills with solution-oriented approaches,
- To increase the knowledge, skills, and relationship competencies of the employees,
- To adopt the Concept of Social Responsibility and Projects in all practices, to participate and
- To further strengthen our nature-friendly and nature-friendly employee profile.